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Specialist advice for families of newborns to 6 months old.


A unique postnatal service from Vikki, an IBCLC Lactation Consultant, Tongue Tie Practitioner and Paediatric Nurse, covering all areas of infancy from breast/chestfeeding, bottle feeding and understanding their cues, to sleepreflux, colic, crying, allergy & intolerance, health advice and developmental assessment.

Based in SE23 London.

Covering SE21, SE22, SE23, SE4, SE13, SE12, SE6, SE19, SE20, SE26 and further on request.  

Breast/Chest and Bottle Feeding

Are you in pain breast/chestfeeding? Unsure of your latch? Or may be you aren't sure what the problem is? We'll start with an assessment of a full feed and then work together to resolve any issues you may be experiencing. Problems are rarely isolated, so it's important to get to the cause of issues and help you to continue your feeding journey as comfortably as possible.  


Have you recently converted to bottle? Want some tips and advice? Baby still in discomfort during or after feeds? 

I am an IBCLC Lactation Consultant, universally recognised as the highest regarded international qualification in breastfeeding knowledge and support. 

Mother Breastfeeding Baby

Reflux, Colic and Crying

Concerned that your baby might be suffering? In pain? Wind? Vomiting? Constipated? Diarrhoea? Or silent reflux?

Reflux and colic are symptoms, it is my job to unpick and investigate the cause. 

Is your baby positioning itself awkwardly?Will they only settled in certain positions? 


You might have already sought medical advice and still stumped? There are other causes of pain/unsettled baby that need exploring, again we'll go back to the beginning and try to uncover the cause and in the meantime we'll go through hints and tips to ease your baby's discomfort.   

Newborn Baby

Tongue Tie

Concerned your baby might have a tongue tie? May be they have already been diagnosed with one? We'll discuss the importance of tongue function and do a full assessment using the Hazelbaker assessment tool. 

From there we can discuss positions to help get the latch right - with both breast/chest and bottle fed babies. We'll also assess for compensatory muscular tension the baby might be making, and how we can ease those potential discomforts too with facial, intra-oral and bodywork exercises.

If needed, I will perform a surgical division (frenulotomy). Please see the Tongue Tie Page for further information. 



Baby tricky to settle? Settles well, but doesn't stay asleep long? Waking for long periods in the night? In turn....are you shattered? Sleep advise provided, however I don't give specific sleep training plans, as under 6 months it isn't appropriate.

An issue with sleep in the early days and months is nearly always caused by something else. We'll do a full history and try and find the cause, and then adapt the sleep advice.  

Sleeping Baby

Allergy and Intolerance

Concerned your baby might have an issue? Undiagnosed? Unsure of the signs and symptoms? 

Family history of atopy? Allergy? 

Sometimes the signs of an allergy and intolerance overlap with reflux and colic symptoms, which in turn can overlap with feeding issues. So by taking a full history and assessment, we'll work to uncover the cause. 

Fresh Milk

Developmental Milestones

Concerned your baby isn't hitting milestones? Comparing your baby to others? Poor head control or hypotonia? Position preference? Torticollis? 

Let's assess and refer if needed to the appropriate specialists. 

Baby Playing with Building Blocks


Who I am & How I work

Welcome. I am Vikki, a paediatric nurse with 20 years experience.


Are you spending every nap time searching the internet for clues? Reading every parenting book trying to find the answer?

STOP - I offer a unique all-in-one post-natal service covering all areas of infancy and can support you.

If you are facing a tricky time with your little one, then I can help. Most issues faced in infancy are not isolated, if your baby has trouble feeding, they will almost certainly be struggling with sleep too. There are many potential causes to each problem, and as a result the baby must be looked as a whole to get to the root cause of the problem, rather than settling for easing the signs and symptoms. 


It's ok to ask for help.

Baby's Clutch

"My second baby had reflux, colic and 2 stays in A&E in his first 2 months and I found your support invaluable. Your medical background means you are inherently credible and your patience and ability to listen and reassure were also key. For me there is something about giving parents the support (and confidence) in their own judgements. For those of us lucky enough to have great NCT groups and close parent friends, the power of moral support is incredible in the early days (years!) and having someone like you who can give expert advice and guidance."


Baby's Grasp

"Your support and reassurance last week was invaluable after DR google sent me into a complete panic."


''Vikki is kind, incredibly knowledgable, non-judgemental and supportive. Would highly recommend her.'' 


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