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Parental Wellbeing 

It's all very well giving your little ones all this attention, but if you parents out there aren't looking after yourselves, then we have a knock-on effect. Once you become a parent, you realise very quickly that the baby becomes NUMBER 1, of course they are, they rely on you for EVERYTHING! It can be utterly overwhelming just getting your head around that concept. You must look after yourselves;  physically, emotionally and mentally. 

I also have a long list of other professionals in the area who might be able to help.......

(Of course there are hundreds of alternatives out there, but these few might just be the kick-start you need to help get you back on track. )

Dad's, Partner's, Non-birthing parents, surrogate parents....

Keep going! You are I'm sure doing a fantastic job at supporting your partner and little one. I've made a separate box for you, not because you aren't just as important, but often the biological parent is facing different challenges with hormones.

 It's not easy being pushed down the pecking order. If your partner is breast/chestfeeding, it can leave you feeling even more redundant in the early days...but it does get easier and your role will become more evident in time as you settle down as a family. These great website which might help:


Are You Ok?

It's ok to say no. Did you know that it can take up to a year for your hormones to settle again, relaxin in particular stays elevated for a few months after you finish breast/chestfeeding and your abdominal wall muscles can take up to 2 years to fully point is, there isn't necessarily a timeline to watch or a quick fix to get you feeling 'normal' again. It takes time, patience, rest, sleep and a good diet to help you through (and yes oat based biscuits come highly recommended for milk production....sure with a chocolate top!). Be kind to are some sites that might help you through:

Association for post-natal illness:

Post-natal Illness:

Pre & Post Natal Depression Advice & Support:

For Lewisham and Greenwich:

For Lambeth and Southwark:

Gay Couple with their Daughter
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