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Consultations with an IBCLC Lactation Consultant, Tongue Tie Practitioner and Paediatric Nurse

I will take a thorough, detailed history of your baby, I will listen to you and hear any worries or concerns you have. I will do a physical assessment; 20 years of handling children has meant that I have developed intuitive knowledge of their bodies. Being able to hold your child will help me to assess for potential problems, such as reflux, airway concerns, and hypotonia. Being able to look at your child's body and skin, will also help me develop the picture and assess for other potential problems that might not be evident to you. For those with feeding concerns, this will involve assessing a whole feeding session with a tongue function assessment as well. If any muscular tension is apparent, I can provide oral function exercises as well as bodywork to help ease that in the moment, as well as provide you with the skills to continue yourselves. 

From here, we will work out possible solutions together, and I will help you to implement changes in the best, easiest and safest way for you and your family. If a tongue tie division is needed, most of the time it can be done on the day. Occasionally when muscular tension is very marked, a division is not recommended until that is relieved slightly, so I will return to see your baby, normally after a week of you doing regular exercises at home.  

Consultations are followed up for 2 weeks (free follow-up includes WhatsApp messaging/email) to ensure any changes made are effective and helping.


Free follow Up


Families of babies who have undergone a frenulotomy are really encouraged to come and have a follow-up. This will allow me to check the wound is healing well. 


Follow-ups are held at our drop-in clinic at Abbotshall Healthy Lifestyle Centre in Catford (directions here) ( This is run every Thursday from 11-13 pm by myself and my colleague and fellow Tongue Tie Practitioner and Midwife Charlotte Mills. You are very welcome to join as often as you like. There is no additional cost for this, it is part of the price. 

Please note there may occasionally be weeks when we cover one another due to illness or annual leave etc.  


Further consultation past this point will be an Additional Follow Up visit.  

£315 for 2 hours

Evening/Weekend/Bank Holiday  Consulting (On request) 

(one to one)

£330 for 2 hours

Daytime Consulting

(one to one)

Additional Follow Up

(one to one)

£175 for an hour 

I am based in SE23 London and will happily travel up to 25 minutes from here.

 I'm not here to judge the size of your washing pile or that you haven't got dressed, I'm here to help. 

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