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Consultations and Pricing 


Weekend or

Bank Holiday

(At your home) 



(At your home) 

Additional Follow Up

(At your home) 

£175 (1 hour) 

I am based in SE23 London and will happily travel up to 25 minutes from here.

 I'm not here to judge the size of your washing pile or that you haven't got dressed, I'm here to help. 

What happens at a visit?

 -  Visits are roughly 2 hours

 - I will take a thorough detailed history of pregnancy, birth, baby's health and your feeding journey this far. 

 - I will perform an oral function assessment on your baby to assess for tongue tie as well as any muscular tightness.

  - We will make a plan together and ensure that it is sustainable! 

Muscular Tightness 

 - I will assess for any signs of muscular tightness, not only orally, but throughout the body.

 - I will provide muscular release work while I'm there and also equip you to continue that in the coming days and weeks. 

Tongue Tie Division 

 - If needed I will perform a tongue tie division.

 - Sometimes a baby can have marked muscular tightness and it is in their best interests to release that through exercises first. If this is the case I will return to your home to do the division after a week or so (no extra charge). 

 -  See the Tongue Tie Page for further info. 

Free Follow Up

 - A division is a small part of the picture. The most important part is actually the wound healing, which can take several weeks.

 - Therefore we run a free follow-up group every week. This is held at The Honor Oak Pub, 1 St German's Road, in Forest Hill, SE23 1JG (They sell great burgers!).

 - This is run every Thursday from 12-2pm by myself and my colleague and fellow Tongue Tie Practitioner and Midwife Charlotte Mills.

 - There is no additional cost for this, it is part of the price. 

(Please note there may occasionally be weeks when we cover one another due to illness or annual leave etc). 

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